Privacy Policy for NeverMissEvents - An Entertainment and Events Company

NME offers service to individuals, businesses, museums, cultural organization and the media to search and post events. You do not need to register to use most services offered but some features of the platform, such as saving preferred lists is only available to registered users. Also by registering we are able to show more relevant content and connect you with others most likely to share your interest.

All users of NME are able to search for events, share and communicate with other users through one of more social networks such as Facebook, Google, Instagram to name a few. The following describe what information we collect, why and how we use it. All information collected as a non-registered user is also collected as part of being a registered user.

Information Collected

As a non-registered user we use a cookie to store information on your event searches, event selections and sharing. As a registered user we request you to provide, although it’s optional, personal information, event preferences, social network contacts and access to your personal calendars.

Personal Information

When you register we only require your email address and a password of your choosing. We do request that you provide more information so that we can make your experience more relevant and meaningful.

Social Media

use you social media information and login to identify your contacts that may be attending similar events or share similar event interests. The choice of which social media networks to consider is determined by you when you setup your profile.


We do not use location tracking as of yet but we do use the country, state and city you entered in your profile to consider events you may be interested in. Local Data and Server Data.Your personal information is stored in a database on your servers that is accessible only to you and NME administrators.

How do we use the information we collect

We use the information we collect to provide a richer more meaningful service while protecting your rights and privacy. We only use information you’ve agreed to provide and we only engage with other services of NME or other platforms that you’ve approved. When you indicate you are a member of a social network or other similar service and agree to share your NME preferences with those services we will engage with those platforms in a manner that is approved and made publicly available by those platforms.

If you indicate you are interested in an event and you are a member of Facebook we will connect you to the events Facebook page and make your interest known to your connections. NME offers a variety of notification options such as email and text to make you aware of events of interest to you as well as reminders for events you plan to attend. NME algorithms search through from personal information including your calendar to find and share information between yourself and people you may know or are one of your social network connections.

Sharing Personal Information

We only share your information with companies, organizations or other individuals that you have either individually or collectively agreed to share with your consent except under the following conditions: • Required by law, regulation or legally enforceable requests. • As required by Terms of Service or to investigate fraud, security or technical issues or misuse of the NME service. • To protect the security and privacy of other NME users and organization.

Sharing Non-Personal Information

We may share information we collect on usage of our services in aggregate or analytical form without the use of your name or other personal identifying information of our own business purposes or business with our partners.

Accessing and updating your personal information

If you register with NME and enter any personal information you can always update your personal information on the NME web site. We can remove yourself and your personal information but we are unable to retract any information that may have already been provided to other entities you previously agreed to share information.


We believe we comply with all applicable privacy laws of the United States, if you feel your rights are not being protected or misused through the use of our service please contact us at:


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